Re-imagine stylesheet editing

Styling reimagined

The Stylesheet IDE (Stylesheet Integrated Development Environment) user interface is a component of the TopLeaf Web Service. It demonstrates a powerful way to interact with your publication data with an integrated stylesheet editor, which runs directly in your web browser. 

The Stylesheet IDE fully supports all features and capabilities of the TopLeaf stylesheets. In addition, this interface combines in one easy to use tightly unified window the components of the TopLeaf Workstation User Interface.

Quickly and remotely adjust, manage, update, debug, or extend how your staff interact with your publications and publishing environment.

Stylesheet IDE main window
Stylesheet IDE main window

More than just a pretty interface

Break free from your desktop environment.  Configure TopLeaf to run as a web service, and Integrate seamlessly with your Publishing Environment.

Imagine using a single HTTP request to send your data to the TopLeaf Web Service and have your composed PDF streamed back as a response.

Do you have a globally distributed organisation or infrastructure?  Then, use the full power of our new web service API to work with remote publications.  The web service includes the powerful yet simple to use Stylesheet IDE for all your stylesheet development.


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