TopLeaf Web Service

Re-imagine your data

The TopLeaf Web Service facilitates consistency and standardisation throughout your data distribution and publishing system from anywhere, at anytime. Web-based protocols enable communication between online platforms and the TopLeaf Server, integrating your cloud-based CMS with the capabilities of TopLeaf.

  • The full capability of the publishing engine is accessible using the HTTP protocol.
  • Deploys TopLeaf as a Linux based service or as a Docker container.
  • Enables Content Management, Workflow, or Publishing servers to use the HTTP protocol to communicate with the TopLeaf Web Service.
  • REST API industry-standard interface enables open communication protocols.

Benefits of running TopLeaf as a Web Service

  • It prevents the need for Remote Desktops and gives you an attractive alternative to Windows Servers.
  • Improved performance over Windows-based deployments.
  • Simplifies communication via the REST API compared to the classic TLAPI.
  • New and simplified publication model abstracts implementation details.
  • Use your application/programming language of choice to communicate with the web service.
  • Is Remote access on your technology roadmap? The TopLeaf Web service supports Remote access now.

The full power of the REST API is implemented and supports fine, focused control as well as single, large publication-wide requests. Where you can automatically publish to print PDF, online PDF, ePub, HTML-5, and more with a single request with no additional configuration or administration required.

Do you have very high volumes of data? You can now deploy multiple instances of the TopLeaf Web Service to run simultaneous publishing pipelines.

The StyleSheet IDE and the Publication Management interface for Looseleaf publishing demonstrate a small part of what’s possible with the TopLeaf Web Service.

Stylesheet IDE

The Stylesheet IDE is a full-featured web-based user interface for the TopLeaf Web Service, providing all the power and control of the TopLeaf desktop product from a web browser.

Looseleaf Publishing Interface

Looseleaf Publishing Interface provides page-based revision control to apply page inclusions and immediately preview the results.


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