Sample Stylesheets

Jump-starting your time with TopLeaf

Getting started with TopLeaf is easy, but to both save time and show some helpful tips, we provide sample stylesheets which can be used right away!

We cover several common publishing formats, and each stylesheet includes some sample data, to show what it looks like. Naturally you can swap this out with your own data to see how it looks. The stylesheets can also easily be modified to suit your needs.

TopLeaf has many features, so we also have prepared some stylesheets which showcase what TopLeaf is capable of.

Using the stylesheets is easy! Simply extract the zip into a TopLeaf Partition, and open them in TopLeaf. Any fonts which are not present by default on windows are available inside the resources folder.

For more details read our quick and easy reference guide

If you have any questions about configuring the stylesheets, please contact us.