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North America

Orbis Technologies, Inc. provides award-winning products, solutions, and services powering enterprise software for hundreds of clients across four continents and fourteen countries. Orbis software and services support mission critical Enterprise Content Management Software, Solutions, Services, and Analytical Software Solutions. They make semantic technologies perform at a global scale. Every day, thousands of users at our prestigious commercial, military, and federal customers depend on our software and solutions.


RSI Content Solutions India provides highly configurable, dynamic publishing platforms for optimizing modern end-to-end publishing processes. These robust content management systems can deliver complete in-house control over your organizations’s business content production. RSI also offers Software development services and technical consulting services to implement content management systems and workflows.


Ovidius GmbH with headquarters in Berlin (Germany) develops XML based solutions for professional data management in the area of technical documentation. Ovidius targets companies with complex documentation requirements, eg. automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace and defence, medical engineering and IT companies. Several of Ovidius’ solutions include TopLeaf. Ovidius is a gds company.

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