About Us

Our Journey

Turn-Key Systems has a proud history, spanning almost 50 years of innovation and creating software for the publishing industry.

Jan 1971
Turn-Key Systems founded

With the introduction of mainframe computers of the time, Turn-Key decided to use them for creating an automated publishing system.

First automated phone directory
old phonebook

Turn-Key Systems created the first automatically paginated phone directories in the world.  

Working with TEXT
text typesetting technology

Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, Turn-Key Systems continued to develop their products, and took on numerous Government and private projects.

Launch of TopLeaf

I1991Turn-Key Systems launched their TopLeaf loose-leaf publishing system. It proved to be an industry game changer.  

Continued development

From 1990 to 2018, Turn-Key Systems implemented challenging projects for industry leaders including Texas Instruments, Qantas, Queensland Law Council and numerous others. 

Acquired by Orbis

In 2018 Turn-Key systems was acquired by our longtime partner Orbis, where we have helped to integrate TopLeaf seamlessly with their Content Management products.

Building next generation web-publishing tools
webUI screenshot

To better adapt our product to the age of the internet, we have begun working on a web interface for TopLeaf, to make it more accessible to everyone.

On-going development
turn-key logo

In 2020, our team is expanding as we look forward to continuing to help our customers with all their data needs.

Together, Turn-Key Systems and Orbis Technologies can help you assess, optimize, and build your next generation digital content solutions.

Our Mission

We created Turn-Key Systems with a view to designing and delivering real-time recording and reporting systems that could ease the process of publishing and documentation.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional industry-leading product to meet your publishing needs. We strive to provide cost effective services so our clients can focus on their business and leave their publishing problems to us. 

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Turn-Key Systems has extensive experience implementing publishing solutions for a range of clients in legal, technical, and manufacturing industries and working for both the public and private sector. Some of our key industry sectors include:

Books & Editorial

Aerospace & Defence

Technical Documentation

Legal Documents

Academic & scientific

Financial Reports