Automated publishing

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Help streamline your organisation’s data distribution network.

Save money through improved efficiencies with our automated DITA and XML publisher.

Use intelligent data to maximise the value from your content.

Increase organisational knowledge value by reusing common styles.

Key Features

DITA Compatible

Create output from any DITA document instantly with out-of-the-box stylesheets.


Looseleaf publishing with versioning and differencing, release packs, filing instructions, and list of effective pages.


Integrate with XML and DITA editing tools using TopLeaf's free plugins.

Page Layout

Features include CALS and HTML tables, automatic footnotes, side notes, and floats.

Automatic Referencing

Create indexes, table of contents, and hyperlinks automatically.

Customisable Stylesheets

Design and customize your content with our stylesheet design tools.

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