X-ICE: Word to XML Conversion

A novel but highly effective Word to XML conversion system from Turn-Key Systems. Download it here.

What Is X-ICE?

X-ICE is a tool for converting unstructured data from MS Word files into XML, using any appropriate DTD. It acts as a bridge between Microsoft Word™ and XMetaL from Justsystems. X-ICE automatically invokes MS Word on the source document and requests one paragraph at a time. Based on a set of rules (which can vary as required) the paragraph is converted to an XML fragment which is passed on to XMetaL.

This process can be temporarily halted if:

At this point the user can do one of three things:

This flexible approach allows the rule set to evolve to handle common style variants, while allowing the operator to handle one-off situations at either the Word or XML end. And once the conversion is complete, the user is presented with a fully converted XML file, guaranteed valid against your preferred DTD.

What Are the Advantages of X-ICE over Similar Conversion Systems?

There are several features that set X-ICE apart from other converters:

There are a number of ways you can exploit the interactive nature of X-ICE:

How Do I Write My Own Rules?

X-ICE contains an integrated rule editor. Many rules can be created by simply filling in choices such as style or font name. More powerful options, such as doing pattern-matching on the text or checking the current context of the XML document, are also possible.

The standard release comes with examples which illustrate many of the available features. Copying and modifying existing rules is a good way to get started.

How Much Does It Cost, and What Support is Offered?

X-ICE is available for anyone to use free of charge. It is an "Open Source" product released under the GPL for the benefit of the XML community.

As a free product it is of course provided "as is" and is not subject to official e-mail or phone support. However we would welcome feedback as to any problems you may encounter, and will endeavour to adjust the software or post solutions as soon as possible.

If you wish to discuss an individual support contract, or to have Turn-Key prepare or modify rule sets for your own purposes, please contact us at mailbox@turnkey.com.au.

You may also copy, modify and re-distribute the software under the terms of the GPL. We would ask that a copy of any modifications you make be sent to us, so we have the opportunity to incorporate them for the benefit of all users.

Other Resources

The download contains documentation files. You can also read them online here. (The online version is provided for convenience only and is not always up to date. If in doubt, refer to the documentation in the download.)