TopLeaf Download

You can try out TopLeaf in just three easy steps:

  1. Download the TopLeaf 9.2.001 installer.
  2. Enter your contact details below and you will receive via email your installation instructions and a license key to activate TopLeaf in evaluation mode.
  3. The TopLeaf evaluation is fully functional. A watermark will appear on each page. If you decide to purchase TopLeaf, we will supply you with a license key that removes the watermark.

Note: License keys from earlier versions will not work with TopLeaf 9. If you have a current TopLeaf maintenance agreement then please contact Turn-Key Systems or your reseller for a replacement key.

If you are downloading your TopLeaf evaluation using Google Chrome, be aware that it sometimes gives you a message that you may be doing something dangerous. If you get the “it may be dangerous” message, click on the “Show All” button on the right hand corner of the browser to complete the download. We are looking into this. If this happens to you, please let us know that you had a problem with Chrome.


A complete set of documentation is included in the download. You can also read it online here.

Linux Version

The Linux version of TopLeaf 9.2.001 is available here. Contact us for installation details and a license key.

Turn-Key Systems Privacy Policy

Turn-Key Systems collects your email address in order to supply you with an evaluation license key, and to follow up with you subsequently. Depending on your location, your email address may be shared with our North American distributor, Metaformix Information Systems Inc or our European distributor Ovidius GmbH. Turn-Key Systems, Metaformix and Ovidius do not use your personal information in any other way.