Status bar

The Status bar gives a visual indication of the current job status. The left of the bar is a Help area. When the cursor is held over a button or control, a brief description appears in this area. If the cursor is not over an item of interest, a default help message is displayed.

The right half of the bar is divided into eight information boxes as follows:

  • names of current publication and partition (see “Repository components”);

  • current release name;

  • shows one of INITIAL (looseleaf initial release or non-looseleaf job), PUBLISH (partition locked), or UPDATE (looseleaf incremental release);

  • shows DBG when running in debug mode (see Debug in “Commands”);

  • shows MRK when running in looseleaf marker mode;

  • shows SPL when running in single page looseleaf mode (see “Single page leaves”);

  • shows one of UPD (update phase, normal operation), PUB (publish phase, partition locked), or MOD (update phase, view modified looseleaf pages only);

  • shows ERR if the previous typesetting run issued any errors.