Standard toolbar

The standard toolbar contains the most commonly used TopLeaf functions.

The File group

The File group is used to open a partition:

  • Open Partition — open an existing partition or create a new one — see the Open dialog.

The Output group

The Output group is used to print or preview typeset jobs:

  • Preview Pages — calls a separate preview window to display the pages — see Print Preview in “File”.

  • Print Pages — opens the Print dialog for the current partition.

  • Create PDF — opens the Create PDF dialog for the current partition.

The Transform group

The Transform group allows the production of alternate forms of output. See Transform to in “File”.

The Edit group

The Edit group is used to edit the partition document source file and undo stylesheet changes:

  • Edit Source — edits the document source file — see Edit in “Commands”.

  • Undo last action — reverse the last stylesheet change — see Undo in “Commands”.

[Warning] Warning

Only attempt to undo a change to a publication styles sheet from the same partition in which the change was originally applied. Failing to do this may lead to unpredictable results.

The Compose group

The Compose group is used to control typesetting:

  • Compose — typesets the current partition — see Compose in “Commands”.

  • Toggle Debug Mode — switches debug logging on or off — see Debug in “Commands”.

  • View Log File — edits the log file created from the last typeset run — see Composition Log in “View”.