Looseleaf toolbar

This toolbar is relevant only to Looseleaf jobs.

  • Show changed leaf set — toggle Only show changed pages in page tree list in the View menu.

  • Show leaf boundaries when editing looseleaf documents — toggle Show boundary markers when editing partition in the View menu.

  • Indicators — open the Indicators dialog.

  • Label release — open the Label Release dialog.

  • Filing instructions — displays the filing instructions.

  • Leaf split — perform a leaf split.

  • Renumber a leaf group — open the Renumber dialog.

  • Publish the partition — execute the Publish command.

  • Review published boundaries — review or adjust the position of published boundary markers. This option is enabled from the partition properties dialog.

  • Create next update — execute the Next Update command.

  • Toggle phases — switch the preview display between the published pages and the update pages.

  • Cancel update — execute the Cancel Update command.

  • Cancel published phase — execute the Cancel Publish command.