The Pages tree

For a non-looseleaf or a change pages partition, the Pages tree shows a list of pages created during the most recent typesetting run. For a full looseleaf partition, this tree displays the partition leaf list and is labeled the Leaf tree.

Double clicking on a page icon will display an image of the typeset page in the preview pane.

Right clicking on an icon brings up a menu with the following options:

  • Preview — equivalent to a double click, displays the page in the preview pane.

  • Print — opens the Print dialog (see “Print”).

  • Create PDF — opens the Create PDF dialog (see “Create PDF”) .

In a change pages partition or a full looseleaf partition the icons in this tree also indicate the page or leaf status. For example, the status information can indicate whether the page or leaf has been altered since the last release, or whether it is the start of a leaf group or leaf section. See “Life cycle of a change pages partition” for the icons used in change pages partition and “The partition leaf list” for a description of the icons used in a full looseleaf partition.