File » Open …

Calls the Open dialog to open or create a partition.

File » Close

Closes the selected partition. You may want to do this to allow another user to modify the partition, or to set global TopLeaf preferences (for example, selecting the repository root directory).

File » Save As …

Calls the Save As dialog, which saves the source of the current partition as a single XML or SGML document.

File » Publication

Contains options for printing, creating a single PDF, or set of filing instructions for all partitions within a publication. After choosing an output option, use the Open dialog to select a publication.

When creating a publication PDF the first partition is used to locate configuration files and metadata values.

File » Export …

Brings up a submenu which can export one of five automatically generated documents:

  • a Table of Contents;

  • a list of cross references (XREFs);

  • an Index;

  • a list of partition indicators;

  • filing instructions (looseleaf only).

All except the filing instructions contain an option to select either the whole partition or the update pack as the source. See Contents, indexes and other generated data for information on the generation of a Table of Contents or Index.

File » Partition Properties …

Opens the Partition Properties dialog for the current partition.

File » Filing Instructions …

Brings up a dialog which displays the filing instructions for the current release. From this dialog you can print or export the filing instructions. See “Filing instructions” for more information.

File » Transform to

Contains options for creating secondary output formats.

File » Print Preview

Opens a separate preview window, similar to the preview pane but with its own navigation controls and the ability to be resized to view more of the output page.

File » Print Special

Contains options for quickly printing the update pack, the entire partition, the composition log, or parittion filing instructions. The selected output is sent to the default printer without opening a dialog. For a non-looseleaf partition, only the composition log may be printed from this menu.

File » Print

Opens the Print dialog for the current partition.

File » Create PDF

Opens the Create PDF dialog for the current partition.

File » Print Setup …

Opens a standard Windows dialog for setting printer options.

File » Preferences …

Opens the Preferences dialog, which allows TopLeaf general preferences to be specified.

File » PDF Profiles …

Opens the PDF profiles editor, which allows you to set up options for PDF creation.

File » 0-9

Up to 10 recently opened partition names are listed immediately above the Exit command. Clicking on one of these, or pressing the numbers 0 to 9 will open the corresponding partition.

File » Exit

Terminates the program. Any open partitions are automatically closed.