Commands » Unlock

Removes any edit or composition lock current applied to the partition.

Commands » Undo

Opens the Confirm Undo dialog, which allows previous changes to source files and publication style sheets to be reversed. You cannot use this option to undo edit changes to linked source documents.

[Warning] Warning

Only attempt to undo a change to a publication styles sheet from the same partition in which the change was originally applied. Failing to do this may lead to unpredictable results.

Changes to the page layout must be reversed in the Layout Editor.

Commands » Cancel Update

Discards the current update and returns the partition to the most recently published release. Note that this command cannot be reversed.

Commands » Cancel Publish

Discards the published phase and returns the partition to the previous update phase. The update can only be republished after composition.

Commands » Edit

Edit the partition content. The editor used is determined by the current preferences (see “Preferences”).

Commands » Compose

Typesets the current partition.

Commands » Debug

Switches debug logging on or off.

Commands » Renumber …

This option will renumber the leaf group folio numbering sequence in a full looseleaf partition that uses a partition based numbering scheme.

Commands » Replace Partition Document…

You can use this option to replace the content of a partition with content copied from an external document file, or if the partition content is linked, associate a different document with the partition.

For a non-looseleaf partition, a change pages partition, or a full looseleaf mainwork release, you can also change a partition from a linked partition to a copy partition, or from a copy partition to a linked partition. To force TopLeaf to establish a link between the partition and the selected document, select the replacement document, then clear the Copy to partition check box. To force TopLeaf to store a copy of the selected document within the partition, select the replacement document, and tick the Copy to partition check box, as shown in the following example:

The replacement content for a full looseleaf update is always copied to the partition, because the content is leaf split as it is copied. This option is disabled for full looseleaf updates that use visible leaf boundary markers to identify the published leaf boundaries.

An additional checkbox to select DITA processing will appear if the location of the DITA Open Toolkit has been set in the preferences, and the specified folder exists.

Commands » Add Files to Partition …

Use the Add Files to Partition … option to add one or more source documents to the list of documents stored within the partition.

Commands » Edit partition document list...

Use this command to delete or rearrange entries within the list of documents stored within the partition.

Commands » Leaf Split

TopLeaf can initialize a looseleaf partition from an existing set of leaf boundaries. A leaf split allocates the content between successive user defined leaf boundary markers to one or more document leaves before automatically publishing the partition.

Commands » Compile Stylesheet

This command is not necessary in normal operation. Before each composition, TopLeaf inspects the modification times of the stylesheet files and recompiles them if they appear to be out of date. If the modification times are incorrect (if, for example, files have been copied from another machine) this command can be used to force a compilation.

Commands » Stylesheet Upgrade

A new stylesheet format using XML documents is available for version 7.6 onwards. This command allows you to convert a stylesheet created by an older version into the new format.

This command is disabled if:

  • The stylesheet is already in the new format, or

  • The publication was created with a version of TopLeaf prior to 7.2, or

  • The Legacy font compatibility format option is selected, or

  • The publication is in read-only mode (for example, it is in the published phase).

If the upgrade is not successful, open each of the Map, Header & Footers and Notes & Running Heads managers and pressing OK. You can then upgrade the stylesheet.

Commands » Indicators…

Opens the Indicators dialog to examine or update the current partition indicator values.

Commands » Label this Release

Opens the Label this Release dialog. This dialog associates a descriptive release label (for example, a date or title) with each TopLeaf release.

Commands » Refresh published pages

Refresh the published output pages to reflect the current stylesheet formatting rules, while retaining the published release label for each leaf.

Commands » Publish

Moves the partition into the published phase. By default, all publishing controls are disabled until a partition is typeset without error. The partition properties includes an option to allow you to publish a change pages release if there are warnings but not errors.

Commands » Next Update

When the partition is in the published phase, this command creates a new update phase and allowing the partition content to be modified.