Menu accelerator keys

Menu accelerator keys provide fast access to frequently used menu commands without having to use the mouse to select a menu option. Accelerator keys are key combinations consisting of the letter key pressed along with the Ctrl or the Ctrl-Alt key.

The following table describes the set of available menu accelerator keys:

Key Description Where Defined
Ctrl-A Cancel the current update Commands » Cancel Update
Ctrl-C Edit the primary catalog file Format » Catalog File
Ctrl-D Edit the primary DTD file Format » DTD File
Ctrl-E Edit the partition document Commands » Edit
Ctrl-F View the partition filing instructions “Filing instructions”
Ctrl-J View the composition log file View » Composition Log
Ctrl-L Open the page layout editor Layout Editor
Ctrl-M Open the mapping editor Mapping Editor
Ctrl-O Open partition “Open dialog”
Ctrl-P Print one or more pages from the partition “Print”
Ctrl-T Compose the partition Commands » Compose
Ctrl-V Preview the current update in a separate window File » Print Preview
Ctrl-Alt-P Select the partition published phase View » Published phase
Ctrl-Alt-U Select the partition update phase View » Update phase