To run one of the secondary transformations choose one of the options on the File » Transform To menu, or press one of the transform buttons on the standard toolbar. The following dialog will appear.

The text in the title bar will show the type of transform to be performed.

Enter the path for the output file, or use the Browse... button to select a location.

The table allows you to set values for some of the transform properties. The properties displayed depend on the type of transform.

The view property is common to several transform types. If set to true TopLeaf will attempt to start an application to view the transformation output. This depends on an application being associated with the file extension. Consult the documentation for your operating system for information on how to achieve this.

[Note] Note

Property values must be entered using 7-bit (ASCII) characters. To express characters outside of this range use character references. For example, the copyright character (U+00A9) can be entered as ©. You can use & to include an ampersand character.

Press the Save Properties button to save the property values so they will be used as the defaults when the dialog is next used. The output path is also saved. This information is saved in a file called transprop.xml in the partition folder.