The Renumber dialog renumbers the leaf group folio numbering sequence in a full looseleaf partition that uses a partition based numbering scheme.

The dialog is opened with the menu command Commands » Renumber.

The Before Renumber pane shows the existing leaf and group structure where the yellow icons identify group start leaves. Note that the leaves are numbered with TopLeaf's native scheme (the same numbers that are displayed in the leaf navigation pane) even if you are using custom code to print different page labels.

Click on the icon for any leaf in the group you want to renumber. The icons for the leaves that make up this section are changed from white to grey to identify them and the current number of the starting leaf is written into the Target Folio text box. Alter this number to the new start number you wish to use.

Press Renumber >> to test the change — TopLeaf will provide an explanatory message if the chosen number is not valid, otherwise the new leaf structure that will apply will be shown in the After Renumber pane.

If the displayed result is acceptable, press Apply to make this change to your partition. TopLeaf will make the changes then automatically start a composition run to reset the numbering to this pattern. Otherwise press Cancel or the Close button to exit without making any changes.