Create PDF

Select File » Create PDF … dialog to create a PDF document for one or more pages from the currently selected partition phase.

From here, you can create a PDF of:

  • all the pages in the partition;

  • the currently selected page;

  • a right/left page leaf that containing the currently selected page;

  • a page range specified by a start and end page.

The PDF Profile drop-down list allows you to select the profile used to select the options for creating the PDF. The order of the names in this list can be changed in the profile editor. If the default profile is chosen it may be overridden by the value of the pdf.profile.default metadata property.

If the View the PDF file after creating it checkbox is ticked, the PDF viewer is launched after the file is created. For this to work a suitable application must be installed and associated with the file extension used when creating the PDF.

For a looseleaf partition you can use the Changed Pages Only option to only include the pages that are different from the previous release.

[Note] Note

The following are disabled if you select a page range other than All, or if you select Changed Pages Only:

  • Hyperlinks in the PDF are disabled because they are based on page number, which could become incorrect if some pages are omitted.

  • Bookmarks are disabled because omitting items can cause the hierarchy to become incorrect. A metadata variable can be used to enable bookmarks in this case.