RTF transform properties

Property Name Possible values Description
imgembed true or false or wmf If true (the default), images are embedded using PNG or JPEG format if possible, or WMF (Windows Metafile) if not. If false, images are included as links instead of being embedded. If wmf all images are embedded in WMF format.
[Note] Note

The WMF format is only supported on the Windows platform. Using WMF for bitmap images can result in very large RTF files.

newfile as for HTML property Determines when a new RTF file is started. See the corresponding HTML property description for more information.
imgscale a number Controls the image scaling. See the corresponding HTML property description for more information.
page see below A string containing a number of space or comma-separated values that set the page size and margins.
newpart section or page or nobreak When using multiple partitions as input, this controls the action between partitions. If the value is section (the default) a section break is inserted. If page a page break is inserted. If set to nobreak there will be no break between partitions (except for any explicit page break added by the stylesheet).
tablewidth resize or fixed If resize (the default) all tables whose total width is greater than the available page width are resized to fit. If fixed the column widths calculated during composition are used.

Page Size and Margins

The page property takes a string value containing one or more values separated by spaces and/or commas.

The page size is specified by either a single value containing a paper size or a pair of values giving the width and height. Paper sizes can be an ISO name (e.g. “A4”) or the names “Letter” or “Legal”. A paper size can also have a trailing “P” for portrait orientation or “L” for landscape.

After the page size are optional values for the page margins, in the order top, bottom, left and right.

All measurements must be numeric and may be followed by a unit of measure string. There must be no space between the number and the unit. The units recognized are “pt” (points), “cm” (centimetres), “mm” (millimetres), “in” (inches) and “pc” (picas). If no unit is present the value is interpreted as points.

Case is ignored in the property value.

The following example sets an A4 portrait page with default margins:


The following also sets an A4 portrait page with 1 inch top and bottom margins and 30 point left and right margins:

210mm 297mm 1.0in 1.0in 30 30