HTML transform properties

Property Name Possible values Description
title any string The HTML page title.
newfile see below Determines when a new HTML file is started. Note that when creating a table of contents with maketoc a separate file is created when the TOC starts.
maketoc true or false If true, creates a table of contents with links to the corresponding parts of the document. A TOC is only created if there are mappings to assign content to TOC levels (see the Mapping Guide for details).
addnav true or false If true, navigation links are added to the bottom of each file to link to the other files. This has no effect if only one output file is created.
xhtml true or false If true, the output is valid with respect to XHTML 1.1.
imgcopy directory name If present, a subdirectory with the given name is created in the same directory as the output file. All images referenced in the output will be copied into the subdirectory.
imgscale a number Controls the image scaling as described below.
usecolwidths true or false If true column widths are added to tables. The default is false.
fileprefix any string This is added to the start of the names of additional files created by the transform. It is not added to the names of the main output file, the image copy directory nor copied images.
[Note] Note

The use of characters that are not legal in file names may cause the transform to fail or produce invalid output. A short sequence of alphanumeric characters is the recommended value for this property.

Starting a New File

The newfile property takes a string value that can determine when a new file starts in a number of ways:

  • A single integer value means that an element starts a new file if it is assigned to a TOC level between 1 and the given value, inclusive. For example, the string “2” starts a new file for each level 1 and level 2 TOC entry.

  • Two integer values separated by a dash cause a new file to be started for any TOC level within the corresponding inclusive range. For example, “2-3” starts a new file for level 2 and level 3 TOC entries, but not for level 1.

  • The string page causes a new file to be started wherever a page break is forced by a mapping. Note that page breaks cause by the normal flow of text cannot be used to trigger a new file.

One of the two numeric specifiers can be combined with the page keyword by separating them with a comma. This has the effect of starting a new page if either condition is satisfied. The two parts can occur in any order.

Image Scaling

Images are normally included without any processing, so their size will be determined by the output medium.

By setting the imgscale property the actual size will be set based on the size calculated by the composition engine. If the property value is greater than zero the width and height of each image is multiplied by the value to determine the size. A value of one results in the same size as calculated during composition. Note that the specified size may or may not be honored by the output medium.