EPUB transform properties

TopLeaf creates EPUB documents that conform to versions 2.0.1 and 3 of the EPUB specifications.

Property Name Possible values Description
title any text The title of the publication.
id any text A unique identifier for the publication. If this is not specified an identifier will be generated.
creator see below This contains one or more names of the publication creator(s). It may also describe the role for each person (such as author or editor).
contributor as for creator This is similar to the creator property, but intended for those making a secondary contribution.
publisher any text Identifies the publisher.
date a year or date The date of publication in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-YY). Only the year component is mandatory.
description any text A description of the publication's content.
subject any text One or more phrases or keywords relevant to the publication. Use the | character (U+007C) to separate them.
rights any text A statement about rights, such as a copyright notice.
language a language code Identifies a language of the intellectual content of the publication. Must be a language code compliant with RFC 3066, for example “fr” or “en-US”.

Creator names and roles

If the property contains multiple names, separate them with | (U+007C).

Each name may contain the following optional components:

  • A file-as string which is used for automated processing, such as sorting.

  • A role string which describes a type of contribution. These are generally 3-letter codes such as aut for “author” or edt for “editor”. Consult the EPUB specification for a full list.

The optional components appear after the name. The file-as value is enclosed in braces ({...}) while the role value is enclosed in brackets ([...]). If both are present the file-as value must appear first.

The following example defines an author and editor.

<meta name="convert.epub.creator"
    string="Joe Bloggs [aut] | Fred Nurke {Nurke, FJ} [edt]"/>

If multiple instances of {...} or [...] occur in a name, only the last one has a special meaning. You can add an empty string at the end to force the name to include the previous occurrences. For example, the following sets the name to “Jeanne d'Arc [Joan of Arc]” without defining a role:

<meta name="convert.epub.creator"
    string="Jeanne d'Arc [Joan of Arc] []"/>