CHM (HTML Help) transform properties

Property Name Possible values Description
title any string Displayed in the title bar of the help viewer.
titlepage any string If present, a top-level item with this name is added to the Contents display. This item links to the first page created.
newfile as for the HTML property Determines when a new HTML page is started. See the corresponding HTML property description for more information.
addnav true or false If true, navigation links are added to the bottom of each page to link to the other page. Defaults to false.
imgscale a number Controls the image scaling as described for the corresponding HTML property.
usecolwidths true or false If true column widths are added to tables. The default is false.
compiler a file path The path to the HTML Help Compiler. See below for more information.

The processing depends on the name of the output file.

If the output file name ends with .zip all content files and images are packaged as a ZIP archive. The help compiler is not executed in this case.

For any other output file name, the project files are created in the same directory as the output file. The directory must be writeable in this case. After creating the files the HTML Help Compiler is run. The compiler executable is located by looking in turn in the following locations:

  • If the compiler property is defined, use this as the path to the executable file.

  • If the TLCHMCOMP environment variable is defined, use this as the path to the executable file.

  • C:\Program Files\HTML Help Workshop\hhc.exe

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\HTML Help Workshop\hhc.exe

Messages from the compiler are written to a file called hhc.log in the same directory as the output file.

Unlike other output formats, CHM creation requires an external application to be run, so working files are not removed. This allows for diagnosing problems as well as possibly re-running the compiler with different options. If this configuration is not suitable, use the option of creating a ZIP file and run the compiler manually.

[Note] Note

Due to limitations of the help compiler, only characters in the Windows western character set (CP1252) are allowed in the contents and search panes.