Characteristics of primary and secondary outputs

Primary and secondary outputs share a common set of stylesheet rules, but the output generated by primary and secondary outputs is not identical. In particular, secondary output formats can contain unexpected variations in presentation when compared with TopLeaf paginated output.

The following table summarizes the main differences between primary and secondary outputs:

Stylesheet component Primary Output Secondary Output
Format type Paginated Continuous stream
Looseleaf and change pages Yes No
Variable page styles Yes No
Typefaces and font styles Yes Most, see “Typefaces and Fonts”
Paragraph style Yes Most paragraph styles honored
Hyperlinks Yes Yes
Bookmarks Yes Used for formats that include a table of contents
Table style Yes Partial, see “Tables”
Box style Yes Partial
Images Yes Partial, see “Images”
Headers and Footers Yes No
Running Headers Yes No
Sidenotes Yes No
Footnotes Yes Yes, but see “Footnotes”
Right-to-left text Yes No
Rotated text Yes No
Multiple labels on a line Yes No

Some more specific differences are listed in the Limitations - Secondary output transformations section of the User Guide.

For information about typeface selection in secondary outputs see “Typeface selection scheme”.