The release label

Each release is identified by a release label. This might be a number (for example, 002), a date (June 2013) or any other identifying string (Release 15). Each page of the document can be associated with the release when it was last changed.

Release information can be useful in electronic documents, as it provides an indication of the currency of pages as the document is changed over time. However, the main role of release management is in the distribution and maintenance of paper documents. In order to minimize printing and distribution costs, it is common practice to publish only those pages that have been changed since the last release. These are then issued to the end users, along with a set of filing instructions (e.g. Remove pages 25 to 28, replace with new pages 25 to 28/2) that tell the user how to update their document. Since this usually involves replacing pages or groups of pages in a ring binder, it is commonly referred to as looseleaf publishing.