Sharing stylesheet files

[Warning] Warning

The following is not applicable when using looseleaf. For a looseleaf publication all stylesheet files must be in the publication folder.

By default the workstation places all stylesheet files in a publication folder. This means that a stylesheet change in one publication will not affect any other publications. In some cases, however, it is useful to be able to share information between publications. For example, an organization may have a standard layout for all of its documents, even though the style of individual documents may vary. In that situation it would be useful for all publications to share the same layout.

When TopLeaf needs to locate a stylesheet file (mappings.tlx or layout.xml), it looks first in the publication folder. If it is not found, it looks in the parent folder, and so on until it reaches the root folder of the repository. This means that a stylesheet file in a folder can be shared by all publications below it. Sharing files in this way requires working directly with the file system — the workstation cannot be used to move stylesheet files.

[Warning] Warning

When moving stylesheet files make sure none of the editors are open in the workstation. It is recommended that you close the workstation before making any changes to repository files.

The following describes two typical examples, but more complex arrangements are possible.