Working with partitions

You can use the TopLeaf workstation to access one or more partitions in the repository. To open the partition you wish to work with, use the Open Dialog.

The most common sequence of steps when using a partition is:

  1. Define the content used by the partition;

  2. Compose the content using a TopLeaf stylesheet;

  3. Rendering the output to PDF or one of the alternate formats.

The following are some common operations performed on an open partition:

  • Commands » Replace Partition Document... to define the content of the partition.

  • Commands » Compose or to compose the partition content.

  • File » Create PDF... or to create a PDF rendition of the composed content.

When a partition is open you can edit the stylesheet stored in the publication. Note that editing a stylesheet will affect the output of all of the partitions in the same publication. The different parts of the stylesheet can be edited using the following: