Partition content

A partition can define its content in one of two ways:

  • A copy of the document content can be stored in the partition update as a part of the repository. This type of partition is called a copy partition.

  • The document content can be held outside of the repository and referred to by its full file path name. This type of partition is called a linked partition.

There are two ways to modify the content of a partition:

The way that a partition refers to its content is determined when the partition is created. You can change an existing partition from a linked partition to a copy partition, or from a copy partition to a linked partition by replacing the partition document content unless the partition contains a full looseleaf update release. The content of a full looseleaf update release is always stored within the partition.

In general, it is preferable to use a linked partition to ensure that any resources referred to using relative paths are resolved. Content stored in the partition as part of the repository must be self-contained.

[Note] Note

When the partition document content is being updated an edit lock is placed on the partition. This prevents anyone else from attempting to edit the content at the same time. An edit lock can be removed by using Commands » Unlock.