Creating a PDF

When you start TopLeaf the workstation interface window will appear. The following will guide you through the process of creating a PDF using the menu interface. For example, File » Open... means to select the File menu and click on the Open... item.

Note that menu commands usually have equivalent toolbar buttons or keyboard shortcuts. See Workstation reference for a complete description of the interface.

First select File » Open... to display the following dialog:

Click the “+” icons to open the Demonstrations and Introduction levels and click on Tutorial to select it as shown above. In TopLeaf terminology this is called a partition. Click the Open button to open it.

The title bar of the main window will now show the name of the partition that is open. Select Commands » Compose to create a rendition of the document contained in the partition. When composition is complete the first page of the document will appear in the preview pane.

Select Page » Zoom to choose how much of each page is displayed. You can also right-click in the preview pane to select the zoom.

You can navigate through the preview pages in a number of ways:

  • Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to move to the next or previous page.

  • Use the buttons on the Preview toolbar:

  • Use the items in the Page menu.

  • Expand the Pages item in the left-hand pane and double-click a page.

Now select File » Create PDF.... Press OK on the first dialog that opens to use the default options and choose a location to store the PDF file in the second.

After the PDF is created it should open automatically in a PDF viewer application (such as Adobe® Reader®). If it does not open, check that you have a suitable application installed and that it is associated with the “.pdf” file extension in Windows.