Security settings

PDF security can be controlled by either the selected PDF profile or by setting metadata variables. In the event of a conflict, the metadata value will be used.

In order to enable security settings, you must supply a master password (sometimes called the owner password). This password needs to be supplied in order to change the security of the document.

It is also possible to set a user password which must be supplied in order to open the document (this can only be set by using a metadata variable).

The individual security settings are listed below.


Allow text and graphics to be extracted from the document (for example, copy them to the clipboard).


Allow high-quality printing.

Print degraded

Allow printing in a possibly low quality which would make it difficult to scan an exact copy of the document. This has no effect if high-quality printing is allowed.


Allow the contents of the document to be modified.


Allow text annotations to be added or modified and interactive form fields to be filled in. If modification is allowed, this also allows form fields to be added and modified (including signature fields).

Fill in forms

Allow interactive form fields to be filled in, even if modification of the document is not allowed.


Allow pages to be inserted, deleted and rotated; also allow bookmarks and thumbnails to be created.

Screen reading

Allow text and graphics to be extracted in support of accessibility to users with disabilities or for other purposes.