Page labels

PDF pages can be labeled using a number of separate ranges, each with its own numbering style and optional prefix.

To create a labeling range, define a metadata value named pdf.pagelabel.startrange.N, where N is the number of the first page in the range (starting from 1). The value of this variable has three parts, separated by “/”:

  • The first part is required, and is the first page number to use in the range. This is usually 1.

  • The second optional part determines the numbering style. Use one of the following. The default is “decimal”.

    decimal decimal numbers
    alpha or lalpha lower-case alphabetic
    ualpha upper-case alphabetic
    roman or lroman lower-case roman numerals
    uroman upper-case roman numerals
  • The third optional part is a prefix string.

If the variable value does not conform to the required format it will be ignored. An invalid numbering style name will be treated as decimal.

For example, the following definitions:

<meta name="pdf.pagelabel.startrange.1" string="1/roman"/>
<meta name="pdf.pagelabel.startrange.7" string="1"/>
<meta name="pdf.pagelabel.startrange.93" string="1/decimal/Appendix-"/>

number the first 6 pages with lower-case roman numerals, reset the numbering to 1 for page 7, and label the final pages starting with “Appendix-1”.