A PDF can contain bookmarks that appear in a separate area of the viewing application (these are sometimes referred to as “outlines”).

A PDF created by TopLeaf will contain bookmarks if:

  • the stylesheet generates bookmark entries; and

  • the profile has the Enable bookmarks option selected.

The default mode of operation is to create bookmarks that mirror the table of contents. If you assign content to TOC levels on the mapping Content tab corresponding bookmarks will also be created. Note that bookmarks are created even if you don’t include the generated table of contents in the output.

If you need to create bookmarks that don’t match the table of contents, you can use the <bookmark-properties/> command to select “manual” bookmark creation. In this mode bookmarks are only created by using the <bookmark> command in a user customisation

Bookmarks must follow a strict hierarchical sequence. For example, all of the level 3 bookmarks must have a level 2 parent. The PDF creator will fill any “gaps” in the hierarchy with unnamed bookmarks and generate warning messages.