Entity resolution

TopLeaf predefines entities in the ISO 8879 (SGML) sets listed below. This means that references to these entities will be replaced by the corresponding characters, even if the entities are not defined in the data or DTD.

ISO entity set Description
iso-amsa Added Mathematical Symbols: Arrows
iso-amsb Added Mathematical Symbols: Binary Operators
iso-amsc Added Mathematical Symbols: Delimiters
iso-amsn Added Mathematical Symbols: Negated Relations
iso-amso Added Mathematical Symbols: Ordinary
iso-amsr Added Mathematical Symbols: Relations
iso-box Box and Line Drawing
iso-cyr1 Cyrillic-1
iso-cyr2 Cyrillic-2
iso-dia Diacritical Marks
iso-grk1 Greek-1
iso-grk2 Greek-2
iso-grk3 Greek-3
iso-grk4 Greek-4
iso-lat1 Latin-1
iso-lat2 Latin-2
iso-num Numeric and Special Graphic
iso-pub Publishing
iso-tech General Technical

TopLeaf automatically defines a fallback definition for these entity sets. The fallback definitions will only be used for entities that are not declared in the DTD or catalog, and are unlikely to have any negative impact when typesetting your documents. To locate problems with entity resolution, select the debug option when composing. This will list all files read in the log, which will allow you to trace how and when entities are being defined.