Typesetting structures

Component Maximum
Table nesting 1 (CALS), 9 (HTML)
Number of table columns 1000
Number of table rows 32,000
Number of times a table row may split (if table row splitting is enabled) Any
Table header depth Data block depth less minimum table row depth
Auto repeating table headers 1 (the table header from the outermost table will be repeated if the table spans multiple data columns)
Active running heads 5
Active data telltales 10
Column footnotes per page layout 1000
Number of times a column footnote may split (if column footnote splitting is enabled) 1
Page footnotes per document 1000
Number of times a page footnote may split (if page footnote splitting is enabled) Any
Number of floats per document 32,000 characters
Maximum depth of an unsplittable page footnote Page depth less minimum data block height
Maximum depth of a sidenote, running head, or float Data block depth
Maximum depth of bound content Data block depth
Length of a XML start or end tag (tag name, and all explicitly declared attributes) 32,000 characters
Length of a running head, note or float 2,000,000 characters
Length of an assembled custom table row 2,000,000 characters
Length of a TOC, Index or XREF entry 32,000 characters
Length of a Release label 512 characters
Default page assembly timeout interval 180 seconds