Page comparison

When processing a looseleaf partition that uses output differencing, TopLeaf compares the content of each published page and the equivalent updated page. If a change is identified within a defined differencing area, the updated page is included in the looseleaf release. The page comparison processor looks at sequences of text, rules and graphics. Two pages are considered equal if they contain the same content in the page difference area, and each piece of content is at the same vertical and horizontal position.

The following restrictions apply to the page comparison method:


Graphics are considered to be equal if their base filenames (that is, excluding the folder path) are identical. The contents of the graphic files are not tested. One way to ensure that TopLeaf tracks changes within graphic images is to include some form of versioning information along with the reference to the graphic (for example, the name of the graphic could include the graphic version number).


Color is not considered when comparing text and rules.


Hyperlink launch and target identifiers are ignored.

Differencing area

The page type in force at the start of each page determines the differencing area applied to that page. Where the page content is formatted using more that one page type, then the differencing area for each page type must have the same dimensions.