Full looseleaf publishing


References to graphics are considered to be unchanged if the filename parts (ie. excluding the folder path) of their paths are equal. This can mean that a leaf that references a changed image will not be detected as changed unless another, possibly unrelated change to that leaf occurs, or the leaf is manually included within a release. You can ensure that TopLeaf tracks changes within graphic images by including versioning information along with the reference to the graphic.

Custom tables

By default, TopLeaf associates the document content consumed when constructing a custom table row with the rendered custom table row. If the content of a custom table row is emitted from a tag positioned immediately before a leaf boundary, use the command <table-nextrow leaf-count="no" /> to force TopLeaf to associate any consumed content with the next rendered object (this may not necessarily be the custom table row).

Renaming partitions

Looseleaf partitions created by TopLeaf build 7.6 or earlier cannot be renamed. See also “Restructuring or moving a repository”