Input documents

TopLeaf requires its input to be in one of the following forms:

  • XML (DTD optional)

  • SGML (DTD required)

The supported encodings for XML documents are:

  • UTF-8

  • UTF-16

  • ISO-8859-1

The following IANA-registered aliases for ISO-8859-1 are also recognised:

  • ISO_8859-1:1987

  • ISO_8859-1

  • iso-ir-100

  • csISOLatin1

  • latin1

  • l1

  • IBM819

  • CP819

Finally, documents encoded as US-ASCII will be regarded as equivalent to ISO-8859-1. This means that 8-bit characters in such documents will not be flagged as errors.

TopLeaf will not render source documents in other formats (for example, RTF, MS Word).

Turn-Key Systems provides freely under an open source licence the X-ICE system which allows you to set up a set of rules to convert MS Word readable documents into XML. This XML will be valid for any user supplied DTD. X-ICE requires that XMetaL be installed on your system.