Including the TOC file

The recommended way of including the generated TOC information is by using the <readgen/> command. For example:

<readgen type="toc" passes="3"/>

The number of passes required can depend on a number of factors, such as how the TOC pages are numbered:

  • If the document has a single sequence of page numbers, then the inclusion of the TOC will affect the numbering of the following pages. This means that at least 3 passes are required. After the TOC is included in the second pass it may affect the numbering for following pages, so an additional pass is required to make it correct.

  • If the page numbering resets after the TOC, then the additional pass is not required. This is the reason that many books use a separate numbering scheme for the front matter (such as i, ii, iii, ...) and start numbering the body of the document from one.

The TOC file can also be created from the workstation interface by selecting File » Export » Table of contents » Partition.

Alternatively, you can arrange for the TOC file to be created automatically via the Partition Properties dialog using the Exports tab.