Index entry markup

In order to create the correct hierarchy, it is necessary to include all the levels to which an entry belongs. For example, a section on TopLeaf box fills declares the following index entries in the source document:

  <heading>Box Color Fills</heading>
  <ihead1><emph>Box</emph> tab</ihead1>
      <ihead3>color fills</ihead3>
  <ihead1>Stylistic Effects</ihead1>
      <ihead3>box color fills</ihead3>
  <para>To fill a box with …</para>

Two rules need to be followed:

  • the index levels must be presented in the correct order (highest to lowest);

  • do not nest the index elements as all nesting is handled automatically.

[Note] Note

If the markup uses nested index definitions these must be transformed into separate elements before they can be processed by TopLeaf. The pre-processing used for DITA is an example of this.