How to process DITA content

Several methods for integrating TopLeaf into authoring environments are described in the TopLeaf for DITA Guide available on the Turn-Key website.

You can also process a DITA document directly in the Workstation as follows:

The first time you use this on an instance of the Open Toolkit you will be asked if you want to install the TopLeaf plugin. After this the DITA processing will be run and the data will be associated with the partition.

Be sure to check the output for any errors or warnings and take appropriate remedial action before proceeding.

You can select a filter to apply by setting the dita.filter property to the absolute path of the filter file. See the Preferences dialog for information on setting java runtime arguments.

The maximum heap size used by the Open Toolkit will be set to 512M. This can be changed by setting the appropriate arguments in the dita.jvmargs property.