Data telltales

Data telltales provide a means of defining pieces of content for a range of pages. This content can be used to display contextual information in headers or footers.

It is possible to define up to 9 different telltales by using the Assign content to data telltale mapping property. The telltales are independent, so defining one does not affect the others.

A telltale is set for the first page on which it appears and for all following pages until it is replaced or cancelled by the Cancel data telltale property.

A header or footer mapping can extract various information about the telltale values on a page, such as whether a value was defined before the page started, the last value defined on the page, and so on.

One possible use of telltales is where the content consists of alphabetically-ordered items. By setting a telltale for each item a header can show the first and last items on each page as shown in the following example.