The following definitions may assist in understanding this section.

A typeface is a design for a set of characters with shapes that will work well together. For example, Times New Roman and Arial are two typefaces.

Each typeface typically contains a number of fonts, each defining characters with a specific style. For example, Times New Roman Bold is a font in the Times New Roman typeface. (In classical typesetting terminology a font also has a specific size, as in Time New Roman Bold 9 point, but with the widespread use of scalable fonts that can define characters of any size this distinction is less often made.)

TopLeaf uses the following font styles:

  • regular (sometimes called roman).

  • bold.

  • italic (sometimes called oblique).

  • bold italic.

A glyph is a symbol in the font that defines the appearance of a character when it is rendered. Since there are many fonts, a single character can be represented by many different glyphs.