Repositioning rules

Paragraph repositioning rules help prevent the creation of orphaned paragraph or short pages. When enabled, TopLeaf automatically detects orphaned paragraph or short page content, then attempts to reposition that content in the following ways:

  1. By reducing the inter-paragraph or inter-line spacing on the previous page by the depth of the orphaned content:

  2. If it is not possible to reduce the inter-paragraph or inter-line spacing, TopLeaf will try to move the orphaned content away from the top of the page by adjusting the position of the page break point:

  3. If this strategy is also unsuccessful, no content will be repositioned.

Orphaned paragraph repositioning rules are enabled using the <binding-properties/> command.

Short page content repositioning rules are enabled using the <page-properties/> command.

[Note] Note

  • Repositioning rules are never applied to the content of table rows, footnotes or floats.

  • Paragraphs that reference a page or block footnote will not be repositioned.

  • No additional image scaling is applied when repositioning a orphaned or short page paragraph that consists entirely of a graphic.