Column balancing

When TopLeaf renders the content of a multi-column page layout, the columns of that layout at the end of a page or section may be only partially filled. Column balancing distributes the content across all columns, reducing the vertical space used by the content.

The following diagram illustrates the two styles. Column balancing is disabled for the left sample and enabled on the right.

In some cases it will not be possible to make all columns equal because of binding constraints.

The format options define the default column balancing mode applied to all multi-column page layouts. You can override the default with a mapping or change the column balancing mode for individual cases.

When column balancing is enabled a threshold measurement can be set to prevent it from being applied when the last column is nearly filled. The amount of unused space is determined as shown in the following diagram:

If the amount of unused space is less than the threshold measurement then column balancing does not occur. The threshold is ignored when there is no content placed in the last column.

The default column balancing mode distributes the content between all columns. You can also select the minimal mode to use the smallest possible number of columns. The following diagram shows the difference between the two modes.