Date of release: 2019-10-08


Splittable sidenotes

(TL-5) You can use the <note-properties/> command to allow the content of a sidenote to split across a column or page boundary.

Define a stylesheet variable from the API command line

(TL-9) You can define the value of one or more user variables when using the TopLeaf API command line to compose a partition.

Bug fixes

Text starts at wrong position on page

(TL-2) A request to consolidate space before a paragraph was ignored when processing a multi-segment page.

Incorrect spacing of custom table at a column break

(TL-7) The frame for a custom table overlapped the page header region when processing a column break.

Bind to horizontal rule ignored

(TL-8) A bind between a horizontal rule and content was ignored if the binding spanned an internal boundary.

Mapping assistant hides non-DITA class attributes

(TL-10) In general, when the input document is identified as DITA the class attribute is not displayed. Some non-DITA elements (such as tl:xrefline) no longer have the class attribute hidden.

PDF builder: image filter fails if called multiple times

(TL-11) No output was created if an image filter is called multiple times when building a PDF.

Incorrect font identifier written to output page

(TL-17) An incorrect font identifier was assigned when referencing a character that was not defined in the currently selected typeface.

Unexpected use of ligature U+FB4F

(TL-29) The two characters U+05D0 & U+05DC were unexpectedly converted to the ligature U+FB4F (Hebrew Ligature Alef Lamed).

Unexpected warning when processing rotated text in a float object

(TL-30) An attempt to rotate text within a float generated an unexpected warning.