Date of release: 2019-06-30

Bug fixes

Consolidate space request ignored

(bug 3317) A request to consolidate space before a paragraph was ignored when processing a multi-segment page.

Table row continuation rule not rendered

(bug 3318) A request to insert a table row continuation rule was ignored when processing a table that contained split table rows.

Block inherit controls incorrectly enabled

(bug 3320) When using the Layout Editor, the fixed block inheritance controls were incorrectly enabled for page types that did not specify a template.

Check for invalid attribute names

(bug 3321) The Mapping Editor now applies additional checks for invalid attribute names.

Hyperlinks cannot contain rotated text

(bug 3326) A link cannot contain rotated text. Any occurrence of rotated text will remove the link.

Cannot assign implied table frame when building a custom table

(bug 3327) When rendering a custom table, an attempt to assign the implied table frame to none was ignored if the underlying table model was set to HTML.

Sidenote padding incorrectly associated with reference point

(bug 3329) An unnecessary association between a generated vertical space and a sidenote reference point has been removed.

Incorrect leaf split when scanned content referenced after a custom table

(bug 3330) TopLeaf can only position full looseleaf leaf boundaries within scanned content rendered before any other content generated by a user defined customisation. If you intend to process a custom table before rendering scanned element content you must use the command <table-start leaf-count="no" /> when declaring the custom table structure.

Unexpected error when measuring string

(bug 3331) TopLeaf generated an unexpected composition error when measuring a string that contained a zero width joiner (U++2060) character.

Palette Editor did not escape '>' characters in names

(bug 3333) '>' characters within color palette names were not escaped when updating a color palette table.

Unexpected vertical gap between table rows

(bug 3334) A processing instruction mapping issued a column break request. TopLeaf generated an unexpected vertical gap if the column break was applied between two table rows.