Date of release: 2019-05-06

Bug fixes

Clarifications to linkline-properties documentation

(bug 3305) Some attributes of the <linkline-properties/> command were documented incorrectly.

Hyphenation rules ignore line breaking constraints

(bug 3306) The right-most “not at start of line” character was ignored when determining the most suitable word break in a hyphenated word.

Default vertical spreading for new page types

(bug 3308) The data block option that controls the vertical spreading of paragraphs now defaults to All columns when defining a new page type.

Abnormal exit when rendering sidenote from within table row

(bug 3309) In some circumstances, TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit when processing a sidenote that had already been rendered.

Errors when applying a manual leaf split

(bug 3310) Descriptions for some common leaf splitting errors are now included in the TopLeaf API manual.

Misleading error message when reporting out of range folio

(bug 3311) A misleading error message was reported when processing a page folio that exceeded the limits of the partition page folio format.

Incorrect leaf split when referencing scanned content

(bug 3312) When processing a full looseleaf partition, the content of a tag was scanned, suppressed, then emitted after applying a page change. The published leaf boundaries were positioned incorrectly.

Multiple running feet rendered on page

(bug 3315) The running foot mapping was processed for each assigned running head level. Where a level 2 or lower running header was active, more than one running footer appeared at the end of a column or page. If you experience this problem you should recompile the stylesheet.

Incorrect initial state for data block options

(bug 3316) In some circumstances, some data block options were initialised incorrectly.