Date of release: 2019-04-05


Full looseleaf page folio processing

(bug 3253) The internal program algorithm that encodes and decodes full looseleaf page folios has been refactored. The user functionality remains unchanged.

Creating a new partition from the API

(bug 3285) Declaring a partition properties file is now optional when creating a new partition. If not specified, the partition is initialised with a default set of properties. Note that the default properties are not suitable for a looseleaf partition.

Ancestor attribute selection when creating mappings

(bug 3286) When using the Mapping Assistant to create a new mapping, you can now select a mapping using an attribute declared in the target element or any tag ancestor.

TopLeaf application icons and images

(bug 3287) The application icons and images within the TopLeaf Windows distribution have been updated.

Line break processing mode

(bug 3299) You can now select a more stringent set of line breaking rules by setting the line break processing mode to strict.

Generating stylesheets from XML content

(bug 3301) Adjustments have been made to some font and paragraph mapping properties when generating a stylesheet from an XML document.

Positioning initial leaf boundary markers

(bug 3304) When applying a manual leaf split to a full looseleaf partition, an initial leaf boundary marker may indicate if the leaf boundary coincides with a block boundary, is positioned after a word break, or is positioned after a hyphenation word break. These options are mutually exclusive. In the case where the leaf boundary marker is positioned at both a hyphenation word break and a word break, a hyphenation word break is assumed.

Bug fixes

Clarify when vertical spreading applies

(bug 3277) The documentation has been modified to more clearly explain when and how vertically spreading is applied.

Incorrect error if repository path is not defined

(bug 3283) The Linux build of the TopLeaf API now reports a more specific error message when an undefined repository path or an invalid repository path is defined.

Incorrectly numbered footnotes

(bug 3289) When applying a page footnote merge, a duplicate page footnote was incorrectly discarded. TopLeaf generated an unexpected error.

Error not reported when table row depth exceeded column depth

(bug 3290) An error is now reported if the depth of an unsplittable table row exceeds the depth of a data column.

Abnormal exit if column specification not within a recognised table

(bug 3293) TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit if a <colspec/> was declared outside the context of a recognised table structure.

Unexpected link line on back of page

(bug 3296) When processing a full looseleaf document, a link line was positioned on a blank back page, even if this action was prohibited by the stylesheet link line properties.

Abnormal exit when repositioning a paragraph

(bug 3300) TopLeaf reported an abnormal exit when applying paragraph repositioning rules at the end of a page.

Cannot apply DITA pre-processing when replacing partition document

(bug 3303) When replacing a partition document from the workstation navigation panel, the DITA Open Toolkit pre-processing checkbox did not appear.