Date of release: 2019-01-22


Displaying the stylesheet path when using stylesheet tools

(bug 3255) You can now set a user preference to optionally show the stylesheet file path within the title bar of the TopLeaf stylesheet editing tools.

Allow profile to be specified when creating additional PDF files

(bug 3258) Metadata values can be used to create additional PDF files from selected pages. You can now specify a PDF profile to use when creating an additional file.

Resizing transformed tables to fit the available width

(bug 3264) Where the total width of a table is greater than the available page width, you can now resize the table to fit the content when generating an RTF secondary transformation.

Report unbreakable zone in typesetting log file

(bug 3269) TopLeaf reports an error if an unbreakable region does not fit within a data column. The extent of that zone is now listed within the typesetting log if debug mode is enabled.

Close tag short-cut key

(bug 3270) When editing custom content within the Mapping Editor, pressing Ctrl+/ (forward slash) will search for the first start tag with no matching end tag and insert the closing end tag.

Extended box styles

(bug 3273) Metadata values can be used to instruct the PDF builder to apply box styling effects to rectangular areas on the page.

Allow selection of PDF page from image

(bug 3276) By default, only the first page will be used when including a PDF as a block or inline graphic images in your output. You can now select a specific page when including a PDF as an image.

Allow color palette order to be changed in Mapping Editor

(bug 3278) You can change the order of entries when editing the color palette from the Mapping Editor.

User defined image bottom padding

(bug 3281) By default, TopLeaf inserts a small amount of vertical space when processing an image in the context of a data block, float, note, or running head. Use the <image-properties/> directive if you need to adjust the depth of the image bottom padding.

Bug fixes

Deleted leaves not fully removed

(bug 3251) When editing the content of a full looseleaf document, one or more leaves were removed from the partition leaf set. In some circumstances, TopLeaf failed to completely remove all components of the deleted leaves when the partition was published.

Unrecoverable data error

(bug 3252) In some circumstances, the TopLeaf composition engine failed to apply a page change declared at the start of leaf. When the next update was typeset, the composition reported an abnormal exit.

Error when opening legacy stylesheets

(bug 3257) A partition using an XML stylesheet was opened. If a partition using a legacy style sheet was then opened in the same GUI session, an error occurred when trying to load the Mapping Editor.

Unexpected link line rendered before a page break

(bug 3259) TopLeaf generated an unexpected data block link line when processing a page break in a full looseleaf partition.

Alignment of content at right margin

(bug 3260) Letters positioned at the right margin are now more precisely aligned.

Abnormal exit when cancelling a running head

(bug 3261) In some circumstances, the TopLeaf composition engine generated an abnormal exit when cancelling a running head.

Null pointer exception if font was not defined

(bug 3262) An attempt to process a secondary transformation failed when referencing an undefined font.

Error processing property option defined as an empty string

(bug 3263) An unexpected dialog error was generated if a secondary transformation property was defined as an empty string.

Subscript not cancelled

(bug 3265) A subscript font was selected, implying the selection of a small font. An attempt to cancel the small font characteristic from within a custom marker was ignored.

Warn if $headfoot mapping is undefined

(bug 3266) TopLeaf now reports a warning if the $headfoot mapping is not defined within a stylesheet.

Changes in position or size of unicode code points are not recognised

(bug 3267) A change to the position or size of some unicode code point values was ignored when output differencing change pages or looseleaf documents.

Incorrect table frame if a nested table declares a header

(bug 3268) A table row contained a nested table that declared a table header. If the table row split across a column or page boundary, the frame of the outer most table was incorrectly clipped at the bottom of the automatically generated table header.

Workstation palette editor cannot locate color palette

(bug 3271) A color palette defined in the root directory of a TopLeaf repository was not found if the palette editor was launched from the TopLeaf workstation.

Footnote content not rendered on page containing footnote reference

(bug 3272) In some circumstances, the content of a split page footnote was positioned on the page after the footnote reference page.

Interword space lost before rule fill

(bug 3274) In some circumstances, an interword space positioned immediately before a rule fill or character fill was not rendered.

Unexpected errors when declaring fill strings

(bug 3275) The <fill/> command generates a space fill or a fill consisting of one or more visible characters. If a fill character is defined, the fill string attribute must be a single character. An attempt to generate a comma fill was ignored. An attempt to declare an illegal fill string will now generate an error.

Do not force embedding for fonts with subset disabled

(bug 3282) In some circumstances, embedding was incorrectly applied to OpenType fonts with CFF outlines when creating a PDF.