Date of release: 2018-09-19


Full looseleaf non-uniform pagination schemes

(bug 3155) Full looseleaf publishing applies a uniform page folio format numbering scheme when assigning the primary folio index and point page levels to each leaf of a partition. Leaf labels can be used to manage full looseleaf content declared with a non-uniform page numbering scheme.

Spacing above tables and boxed content

(bug 3227) By default, leading is not applied when calculating the vertical spacing between a paragraph and a table or boxed content. You can override this behaviour if you need to include the leading within the space above a table or boxed content.

Changes to zero point page folios

(bug 3233) When a zero point page is created using the 999(a) full looseleaf page folio format, the point page component of the folio is now rendered as Aa.

999(a) point page support

(bug 3234) The 999(a) full looseleaf page folio format now provides limited support for more than one point page level. If your full looseleaf content requires more than one alpha point page level it is recommended that you use the 999(abcd) page folio format when setting up a partition mainwork.

Data block column separator rules

(bug 3240) You can use the <segment-properties/> command to render a column separator rule between data blocks in a segment.

Bug fixes

Incorrect table frame if a nested table declares a header

(bug 3228) A table row contained a nested table that declared a table header. If the table row split across a column or page boundary, the frame of the outer most table was incorrectly clipped at the bottom of the automatically generated table header.

No error reported when creating an unsupported point page level

(bug 3232) An attempt to create an unsupported point page level is now reported as an error when processing a full looseleaf partition.

Cannot publish full looseleaf partition

(bug 3235) An attempt to publish a full looseleaf partition failed to position a leaf boundary processed immediately after changing the current page type.

No error reported when publishing a partition using the API

(bug 3236) The TopLeaf API now reports an error if the partition properties for a partition do not exist.

Processing a publication PDF

(bug 3237) TopLeaf uses the first partition within a publication to locate all configuration files and metadata values when creating a publication PDF.

Unexpected page break after processing column break

(bug 3239) A column break request was processed immediately after changing the current page type. In some circumstances, the suppression of the end-column request at the start of a page generated an unexpected page break.

Misleading error when importing a PDF document

(bug 3241) In some circumstances, TopLeaf reported a failure to locate an imported PDF document as a failure to read an unsupported import format.

Unexpected conditional leaf inclusions

(bug 3243 When composing a full looseleaf partition, the content of a tag was scanned, but not suppressed. If the scanned content was rendered across more that one leaf, all leaves in the leaf span were implicitly bound, and a change to any leaf automatically forced the entire leaf span into an update. Note that if you continue to experience this problem in an existing partition, you may need to typeset and republish the previous release.

Properties not applied when <fontmask-properties/>

(bug 3245) Font characteristics set using the <fontmask-properties/> directive are now applied when processing secondary transformations and content previewed within the Mapping Assistant.

Color not applied when using <font-properties/>

(bug 3246) Colors set using the <font-properties/> directive were not always applied when processing secondary transformations or content previewed within the Mapping Assistant.