Date of release: 2018-08-01


Improved handling of maximised windows

(bug 3210) When using the Mapping Editor or Layout Editor, save the maximised state before exiting. This makes it easier to resize the window the next time it is opened.

Row splitting irregularly spaced table row content

(bug 3214) When table row splitting is enabled, a table row is permitted to split where a data column break can be inserted at the same vertical offset across all cells within the row. You can optionally override this restriction to allow a row to split after any line with a row. This may produce a better result if the rendered table row content is irregularly spaced.

Assigning the date to a user variable

(bug 3216) The <date/> command now supports the assignment of the current date or time to a user variable.

Full looseleaf page folio formats

(bug 3221) The page folio format specifies how TopLeaf renders page folio strings in a full looseleaf partition. The 999(a) page folio format supports the use of a single point page level. If your full looseleaf content requires more than one alpha point page level then you should select the 999(abcd) page folio format when setting up a partition mainwork.

The format of alpha zero point pages has been documented.

Bug fixes

Cross-segment bind does not work

(bug 2503) A mapping applied a bind to following request and a page change request. In some circumstances, an unexpected page break occurred at the cross segment boundary.

Unexpected page break within bound content

(bug 3026) A mapping applied a bind to following request and a page change request. In some circumstances, an unexpected error was reported when applying the bind request.

Clarify usage of $headfoot mapping

(bug 3211) The $headfoot mapping is not associated with any fixed block declared by the Layout Editor. While a fixed block can inherit properties from the $document mapping, it cannot inherit any characteristics from the $headfoot mapping. You cannot use the $headfoot mapping to emit or format content in any way —the placement and appearance of content generated by this mapping is undefined.

Unexpected binding error when processing page footnotes

(bug 3213) In some circumstances, an unexpected binding error was reported when allocating a page footnote.

Clarify restrictions on assigning deferred content

(bug 3217) Some commands, such as <folio/> do not generate content when they are processed. The documentation now includes a list of restrictions that apply to these commands.

Unchanged mapping flagged as changed

(bug 3218) An unchanged mapping was flagged as changed when loading the Image tab properties.

Unexpected error when applying a cross-segment bind

(bug 3219) A binding was applied between two segments. The first segment was unbreakable, and completely filled the page. TopLeaf incorrectly reported that the stylesheet was malformed.

Binding not honored if segment ends with retained space

(bug 3220) An unexpected binding error was reported when binding a segment that ended with a retained vertical space.

Unexpected end of paragraph at end of label

(bug 3222) The content of an element was scanned and emitted as a labelled paragraph. TopLeaf inserted an unexpected end of paragraph after the content of the label.

Unexpected conditional leaf inclusion

(bug 3223) When processing a full looseleaf partition, the content of an element was scanned but not suppressed. If the scanned content ended at a page boundary, TopLeaf forced an unexpected conditional leaf inclusion.

Incorrect paragraph indent at start of leaf

(bug 3224) A full looseleaf leaf partition rendered using a legacy style sheet created a leaf break within a paragraph. The legacy stylesheet was replaced with a stylesheet built using the TopLeaf stylesheet tools. In a subsequent update, an incorrect paragraph indent afer processing the published leaf boundary.

Text overlaps when repositioning orphaned paragraph

(bug 3225) An excessive amount of inter-paragraph space was removed when repositioning an orphaned paragraph.

Unexpected page break when processing orphaned paragraph

(bug 3226) An unexpected page break was applied when repositioning an orphaned paragraph.

Unexpected hyphen at end of leaf

(bug 3229) When processing a full looseleaf partition, TopLeaf generated an unexpected hyphen at a white space word and leaf boundary. If you experience this problem within an existing partition, replace the partition content with a copy of itself (for example, if you are using the TopLeaf workstation, edit, save the partition content without making any changes), then recompose the partition.

Abnormal exit if current typeface declared as empty string

(bug 3230) The <font-properties/> directive declared the current typeface as an empty string. In some circumstances, TopLeaf generated an abnormal exit.

Cancel bind request ignored at start of segment

(bug 3231) A mapping issued a bind to previous request that established an inter-segment binding. An attempt to cancel the binding was ignored.